Studio 154 Pilates


Post Pregnancy Classes

Post-Pregnancy Pilates Classes are one of the best ways for a new mom to gently get back into shape after giving birth. Adjusting to life with a newborn—your infant’s needs, nursing, hormone changes, sleep deprivation—can be very hard on a woman’s body.

Post-Pregnancy Pilates Classes are an excellent way to receive support during this special time. Helping you get reacquainted with those hardworking abdominal muscles, this workout is also a safe yet highly effective method to regaining overall strength and flexibility, especially in your low back!

All of the exercises offered through the Post-Pregnancy Pilates Classes can be modified to accommodate you and your changing needs. Babies are welcome, and—we’ve noticed—they really enjoy watching mommy workout! We also design individualized exercise programs for you to do with your baby at home. Please ask us for details on how you—and your baby—can benefit from Pilates!