Studio 154 Pilates



I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa. I have several injuries I am still recovering from. She really helped launch me on a solid get fit routine. She is extraordinarily aware of details and finds things others have not. Most important for me is that she knows how to make you "sweat"! Us guys just don't feel like anything was done unless we can "feel" it afterwards (and during). She does just that!

 -Derek Zandt 2009

Working out at SLO Pilates Studio has been a great experience. When I started out I didn't know a lot about Pilates. Lisa really took her time with me during our one-on-one sessions and then suggested a partner when I felt more comfortable and up for a challenge. Since then, I have been going back twice a week and look forward to each workout session. The movements are fluid, therefore not harsh on my body. I have already seen the results, I feel more toned in a shorter amount of time than with other workouts regimes. I would recommend Pilates to anyone looking for a fun and invigorating workout.

 -Lindsey Wilkes 2009

I have been doing Pilates at SLO Pilates Studio for over a year now and love it! Lisa is a wonderful, light hearted and attentive trainer and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my physique with my regular 2 lessons a week program.

 -Carol Paquet 2009

I began taking Pilates Mat classes from Lisa in 2003 at the Santa Barbara Fitness Gallery. Her classes are high energy and she welcomes all ability levels. She’s also super attentive to details of form and body alignment, and exquisitely attuned to protecting us from injury. Her classes are fun and I really enjoyed the camaraderie she inspires, and she does a fierce "Teaser", too! I’d still be taking her classes now if we hadn't lost her to the lucky folks in San Luis Obispo!

 -Laurie Hansen 2007

Lisa is an inspiring and special person. Her gentle touch, patience, and precise corrections helped me get past some of my most frustrating obstacles. Now, without pain or pain medication, I am doing more advanced Pilates. And, as I approach 60, I enjoy doing things I lacked the coordination, endurance, and balance to do for many years, if ever. Nothing is as wonderful as feeling good!

-Tom Hawkins 2006

Working with Lisa one-on-one over a period of two years was one of the best experiences I have ever had in Pilates training. As a new mother herself, Lisa knows exactly what a pregnant woman's body is going through and can tailor your workout to fit your individual needs. Lisa was very much in tune with mine and able to tailor my workout to fit exactly what my body could handle at any given time. Her caring demeanor and individual attention provided a fun and relaxed forum in which to learn more about the Pilates method. I attribute my body's quick recovery and overall feeling of well-being to the weekly Pilates instruction she offered me throughout my pregnancy.

Thank you Lisa!

-Ashleigh Krauch 2006

I was fortunate to have had the pleasure and experience of Lisa as a Pilates teacher during my stressful and busy day. Lisa would come to my office and work with 3 to 4 of us on a weekly basis. We all enjoyed this special time and were able to focus on her instruction. Lisa was an outstanding Pilates teacher working with us during this hour and being able to focus on each of our needs. I found Lisa to be patient; very knowledgeable of Pilates and often quite humorous.

-Claire Munz 2006

Over the past 15 years I have incurred several injuries to my back. At one point I was unable to walk normally for three months. Swimming helped, and yoga, but not in the way Pilates has transformed me. I found Lisa's class through some friends and it has changed everything. People have been saying, "You look great! Have you lost a lot of weight?" And yes, while I have lost some weight, the truth is, I'm in control of my core now, and I have a much stronger focus on my body, and my mind, too.

Lisa’s program has been a joy. Constantly positive and always encouraging, she works me hard with a Pilates instruction that caters to the individual. Lisa instantly realized what my strengths were and uses them to build up my body and my confidence. She is always mindful of my weaker points and works gently with me to correct them in a way that is strengthening and immediately helpful. She has taught me how to move with ease, and how to better control my body with just a few basic Pilates moves when it occasionally begins to slip back into debilitating spasm. Her classes are about making me—you—better. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and its amazing power and easily communicates her ideas in such a supportive way. I always feel physically and psychologically stronger at the end of every session having just had the most intense and positive workout of my life. Lisa is the best!

-Sally Barr 2006

Lisa Kanofsky is a great Pilates teacher. I came to her as a beginner with a painful injury. I could barely walk. She was so knowledgeable, optimistic, and sensitive to my strengths and limits. She pushed me appropriately. Because of her I firmly believe in Pilates as an advanced form of Physical Therapy and one of the biggest reasons that I am walking and hiking today.

-Wendy Allen, PhD 2006