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Lisa Kanofsky, Owner and Trainer

Life brought me to Pilates. I began my journey in 1996 when a friend started taking classes because she enjoyed the fluidity of movement and rehabilitative effects Pilates offers. Having sustained my own series of injuries some ten years prior, I was excited for her and eager to find out if I could experience similar gains. Frustrated with my physical condition and the limitations set forth by my physician, I began taking Pilates classes. Dramatic improvements happened rapidly, and I was encouraged by the results to continue.

It was not long afterwards when I met my mentor, Kristen Williams, and began the study of Pilates through a process of studio work and an 18 month instructor-training program that included classes, observation, working with Kristen as an Assistant Teacher, and Co-Teaching with other Pilates Instructors. I have been teaching Pilates since 2002.

Over the years as Kristen’s client, student, and later her friend, what began out of need has evolved into a career that allows me to facilitate people of many levels and capacities to experience within themselves a level of physical and mental integration and functionality that supports their overall sense of well being. It is a beautiful thing to witness and I feel honored by the trust and time my clients’ share with to me. Through their gains I am gratified and inspired to teach Pilates as an exercise discipline of continuing and life enhancing benefits.


I grew up in a medical family and–having lived with and worked for medically fragile individuals over the years–have maintained an interest in problem solving for people with unique, unusual or diminished capacities due to physical ailments or disabilities. In my practice as a Pilates Instructor, I have worked with people whose bodies are affected by conditions such as amputation, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, and scoliosis. When working with individual limitations and special needs, my focus is to provide support, assistance and education that deliver an experience of increased functionality, comfort and well-being within the parameters of individual circumstance.

My life experience, professional training and background uniquely enhance my ability to create a plan specific to your personal needs so that you may obtain the maximum benefit from your individualized Pilates Exercise Program.

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