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Skin Brushing

Skin Brushing An effective technique for aiding the body and its need for daily detoxification is to practice skin brushing. When you do skin brushing, you help the lymphatic system to cleanse the body and rid itself of toxins. The gentle sweeping strokes encourages the discharge of metabolic wastes along with the removal of the toxic influences from soaps, skin creams, antiperspirants and promotes healthy skin.

The brush used should be a long-handled bath type brush. It should contain only natural vegetable bristles. Synthetic bristles should be avoided as they may scratch or irritate the skin. The brush should be kept dry and not used for bathing.

When one performs skin brushing, the body should be dry for proper effect. Wet skin may allow sliding while dry skin brushing gently stretches the skin promoting lymph flow and the sloughing off of dead skin cells. The brush should pass over every part of the body, always toward the heart. A special complexion quality brush, with softer bristles, should be used on the face, breast, and other sensitive parts of the body. Use long sweeping strokes, no rubbing, no scrubbing, no back and forth motion; just gentle, sweeping motions toward the heart. The proper direction of skin brushing is essential to effective lymph flow as the lymphatics are made up of one way valves. Proper pressure is also a factor, the lymphatic system responds to gentle strokes. If the skin turns red you are using too much pressure.

Brush up the arms toward the shoulders. Brush up the back toward the shoulders. Brush down the neck toward the shoulders. Brush up the chest, starting around the belly button, up the center of the chest and up and around the breast and up under the arms. Then brush up the legs starting with the soles of the feet, then up the lower leg to knee, then upper leg to groin and groin to belly button. This is the direction lymph flows in the body. Skin brushing should be performed once or twice daily, just prior to bathing. A complete skin brushing takes no more than five minutes.

You should follow your skin brushing with a warm bath or shower and a cool rinse at the end to invigorate blood circulation.

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