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Lymph System Self Care

When looking at the Lymphatic System, most chronic problems occur at the junction of lymph vessels called “Lymph Nodes.” One can feel lymph nodes by pressing under the jaw, below the ear, below the collarbone, under the arm, or in the crease between the thigh and pelvic area. When touching these areas, many people will feel small bumps or lumps; some will feel pain. The bumps, lumps and pain are symptomatic of blocked lymph nodes.

Since we are dealing with the primary drainage and immune support system of the body, it is important to see a practitioner and get help with seriously swollen or hardened lymph nodes. Once the node is reduced to a less severe condition, or for maintenance and prevention self-administered self care techniques can work very well.

For blocked lymph nodes, a light physical massage combined with use of the Lymphstar Pro facilitates relieving pain and restoring lymph flow. With restored lymph flow the immune cells can enter and clear out pathogenic material and the body can recover more quickly. Self-administered manual techniques include gentle “pumping” under the arm and through the leg crease coupled with light massage and stroking of the skin in the direction of lymph flow, generally towards the heart.

Another highly effective technique for cleansing the lymph and promoting proper drainage is to practice daily dry skin brushing, best performed just before showering or bathing. The brush used should be a long handled bath type brush. It should contain only natural vegetable bristles; synthetic bristles should be avoided. The brush should be kept dry and not used for bathing.

When one performs skin brushing the body should be dry and the brush should pass gently over the skin in the direction of lymph flow, toward the heart. Use long, sweeping strokes, passing over every part of the body, except the face. Use no back and forth or circular motions and no scrubbing. If the skin turns red you are doing it too hard.

Exercise is essential to maintain proper flow of the lymphatic system. The lymph system has no pump and the flow depends on respiration and muscle contraction. A combination of deep breathing and stretching exercises is very beneficial to proper lymph flow. The perfect exercise for restoration and maintenance of the lymphatic system is a rebounder or personal trampoline.

When one does the lymphatic health bounce, the feet don’t leave the mat. By gently surging up and down for 2-3 minutes at a time stress and tension are relieved and lymphatic flow is enhanced. Utilization of the stabilizer bar allows everyone to sit or stand and “lymphacize” their entire system.

So, check your lymph nodes; if they are sore your lymph is blocked and you have created a breeding ground for disease. If the soreness is moderate use the self administered self care techniques.

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